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Welcome to Babies Dance!

“Delivering happiness, and creating a special bond between babies and their parents/carers through dance and music.” – Babies Dance Motto


Looking for a way to stay active and bond with your newborn? Tired of going to places and being told they can’t accommodate you and your little one? Or worse, find out that your chosen activity isn’t stimulating either yourself or the baby? Well, look no further than Babies Dance!

A new, innovative dance class designed for parents/carers, one where you can bring your babies along to join in on the fun! Our classes are focused on improving the bond between parent and child, while also opening your world to a new dance experience. Whether you’ve danced in the past, or are a newcomer looking to learn, everyone is welcome to give it a try! Even part-time carers are welcome, with the parents’ permission of course.

Together with your child, you’ll learn dance steps to the rhythms from across the entire Ballroom & Latin-American dance spectrum. From the slow, melodic tunes of Waltz and Rumba, to the action-packed beats of Cha-Cha and Salsa, no dance is off-limits. Broaden your horizons, stay active and most importantly, have FUN TOGETHER  while dancing with your child. What more could you ask for?

The benefits of our program to your child include:
– Improved sensory development, vocabulary & coordination
– Positively affects mood and emotional maturity
– Improves both Physical and Cognitive development
(To learn more about the benefits of our program, click here

You’re invited to join the new breed of parent/child dancing exercises* in Australia, Babies Dance. A $10 trial class is available to those who LIKE our Facebook page and contact us to book it in. Hope to see you and your little one together on the dance floor!


*Be sure to check with your family physician/doctor to make sure Babies Dance is right for you
^ New Term  Classes will start on Saturday 2 September 2017

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