About Us

As a proud father of five, my many years of dance experience have definitely reflected onto my children and their early years. My wife and I always included dancing in our daily lives, and we watched together as our kids enjoyed the music, moved to the rhythm and mimicked our motions as we danced.

During one of those evenings, an idea blossomed in our minds, “Why don’t we share this joy with other parents?” Together, we came up with little routines, and introduced them to our youngest kids. As I conducted these lessons, I couldn’t help but notice my wife and children grow closer with each consecutive one, plus the fun and joy were infectious.

Over time, these little lessons became a weekly occurrence, and they became the foundation on which I built what has now become Babies Dance. A way to relax and unwind for parents/carers and their babies, and help improve not only their early development but also reinforce the bond between children and their parents/caretakers.

About Marek

Born in Radom, Poland, Marek graduated from WSI Radom with a Degree in Teaching/Education in 1989, and in 1990 achieved his Masters in Chemical Engineering.

He started dancing from the age of 17, and at the age of 21, was crowned a Polish National Champion and held that title as part of the highly successful Nation Latin Dance Formation Team “FANTOM” for the next five years. He also represented Poland during this time in both the European and World Dance Championship Finals.

Marek has been teaching dance since 1986, starting out at a local school in Radom. In 1995, he and his family moved to Australia, where he took up a job working at a local leather tanning factory in Botany Bay as a Chemical Engineer.

In 1999 & 2000, while teaching at a well-known franchised dance school in Sydney, Marek competed in the Tournament of Champions and was awarded the title “Best Teacher In The World”. Then in October 2002, he registered his own dance company and began this exciting new chapter of his teaching career by renting out studio space in a small building in Sydney’s CBD. In 2005 he began the groundwork for achieving a long-term dream, opening his own dance studio, one that would meet the highest international standards in dance. A dream that long last came true…

Now, he has set his sights on a new goal, to share happiness and joy with other parents, to show them the benefits of dance together with their children and growing closer with each session. In 2017, Marek is showing Sydney a brand new dance experience, Babies Dance. A way for children and their parents/carers to grow closer, and have fun together!

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